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:: scorned and mutilated, the cadaver keeps bleeding; it will not be healed ::
[trust no one]
11th-Dec-2016 03:19 am - el. psy. congroo. [occultic;nine, steins;gate]
omg. occultic;nine is turning out to be a whole lot more awesome than i imagined.

i think moritsuka has some special connection to okabe rintarou!! "i've failed, i've failed, i've failed" - omg, he must have heard okabe at some point! O__O not just the el psy congroo he uses O_O!


i mean, i'm already very interested in the subject matter that O;N delves into, but to have such a strong link to the magnum opus that is steins;gate!?

i must admit i have little love for O;N's protagonist gamotan who is really hyper and whiny. but all the other characters seem pretty interesting! moritsuka is my favourite, but he talks so damn fast that i have to keep rewinding to understand what he's saying :P (then again, this anime is very very hyper in speed). and like S;G, i bet all the seemingly unimportant characters - like ryotas and the cafe manager, are going to turn out to be pretty darn important.

ahhhhhhhh why only still 9 eps!!! i think this is probably the kind of anime that you have to rewatch to fully understand. just like steins;gate - rewatching really makes you think even harder than it did the first time.


also, O;N's OP and ED songs are just GORGEOUS. i love the itou kanako's songs i've heard so far - ever since i had the chance to hear her higurashi game songs - but she was also stellar on S;G.

i keep on replaying seisuu 3 no nijou - it's such a kickass song!!

i know chaos;head and robotic;notes were created by the same game company, but i haven't been able to bring myself to watch them. i tried the first episode of chaos;head many years ago and i admit it made me feel ill - not from the gore, i'm used to fictional gore; but i really really did not like the just terrible protagonist. the plot of robotic;notes... just sounds pretty boring heh.

steins;gate remains one of the best animes on my list and is one of the rare shows that just completely blows me away. the unbelievably good plot, the intertwining of real science and fiction, the superbly memorable and loveable characters, and the HEART of the story. just. frigging. incredible.

i won't say O;N is the same vein of a masterpiece, but the plot twists are really pretty damn good! i am quite confident it will at some point become a cult classic :):)
4th-Dec-2016 10:39 pm(no subject) [movies]

whoaaaaaa. a movie about the persection of christians in old japan? man. i feel like samurai champloo all over again. sign me up!

some movie picks for 2017 (to remember to think about and jio big j):
- Logan - based on the old man logan storyline... (for commercial reasons, it isn't likely that they would stick to the storyline closely though). but still, old wolverine. awwwwwww! (OF COURSE £$*IFJKDJSK($*"(")
- Split - james mcavoy as someone with 23 personalities in a thriller. yeah!
- The Lego Batman Movie - everything is the lego movie was awesome!
- Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2 - DUH
- John Wick Chapter 2 - DUH
- Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man Tells No Tales - yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me!
- Resident Evil: The Final Chapter - um, yes, the RE movie series is pretty bad, but also my guilty pleasure ^_^
- Life - jake gyllenhaal AND ryan reynolds... AND creepy alien? highly likely to make it on my watch list!
- Fullmetal Alchemist - of friggin' course!

LOGAN's trailer <3<3<3

GOTG 2 trailer - HAHAHAHAHAHA. aw man, peter quill actually reminds me alot of peter venkman. are all peters like that <3 ^___^

oh and for the rest of the year:
- Passengers - chris pratt. AND jennifer lawrence. WHAT'S NOT TO LOVE.
- Nocturnal Animals - yes, jake gyllenhaal is an awesome actor. i'm not that fascinated by amy adams, but apparently the plot is pretty good. shall see how.
- Collateral Beauty - looks like a decent christmassy movie. hey, will smith!

i love louis ck. he makes us laugh about the most inappropriate things (because he uses humourous but logical sequences to get us there), yet there is so, so much hidden wisdom in what he says, so that we start reflecting on these absurd things in our daily lives. there are social messages he embeds in his comedy, and i'm constantly amazed. this modern day philosopher!

i'm starting to watch louie - good heavens, the messages in that are very grounded and fascinating, like the damn good philosopher he is. but it's also pretty dark and bitter, even though it's supposed to me a comedy-drama. i admit i probably cannot watch this on darker days.

in other notes... OMG CHRIS PRATT. SO LOVEABLE!!! and so so very sweet that he and anna faris are such a great couple!!! also his instagram of anna with a silly "daylightsavings" do! hahahaha!!

and natsume yuujinchou go. this friggin' series. i love it loads but yet fear watching it because of DAMN NINJAS CUTTING ONIONS. like mushi-shi, it takes a relaxed pace, and yet moves you to the core of your soul. dammit! go away you damn ninjas and take your damn onions with you! i do think natsume has grown alot emotionally since we first saw him in the first series. but gosh, he's such a thoughtful young chap - was too, even back then. T_T
26th-Oct-2016 01:03 am(no subject) [anime, life, music, nick offerman]
nick offerman is such a gem.

oh gosh, this is really quite gorgeous - animation and music-wise. a short poignant story in 6 minutes!

these lyrics still are so deep and meaningful to me:

by yui

泥だらけよ 馴染めない都会で
同じように笑えない うつむいて歩いたの
急ぎ足で すれ違う人たち
「夢は叶いましたか?」 アタシまだモガいてる

子供の頃に戻るよりも 今をうまく生きてみたいよ
怖がりは 生まれつき

陽のあたる場所に出て 両手を広げてみたなら
あの空 越えてゆけるかな? なんて思ったんだ

飛び立つ為の翼 それは まだ見えない
カンタンに 行かないから 生きてゆける

濡れた子犬 拾いあげただけで
ちょっと笑えちゃうほど 涙がこぼれてきた
愛されたい 愛されたいばかり
アタシ言っていたよね 求めるだけじゃダメね

子供の頃はママの事 ひどく傷つけた日もあったよね
変わりたい いま全部

陽のあたる場所に出て この手を強く握ってみた
あの場所 あの時を壊して I can change my life

でも 心の中 すべてを とても伝えきれない
カンタンに 行かないから 生きてゆける

陽のあたる場所に出て 地図を広げてみるけど
I know… You know… 迷い道も仕方ない
I can change my life

過ぎてきた日々全部で 今のあたしなんだよ
カンタンに 行かないから 生きてゆける
21st-Oct-2016 12:50 am(no subject) [wolverine, x-men]


(it doesn't seem like a faithful adaptation of old man logan, but it still looks wonderful!!!!!)