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:: scorned and mutilated, the cadaver keeps bleeding; it will not be healed ::
[trust no one]
el. psy. congroo. 
11th-Dec-2016 03:19 am [occultic;nine, steins;gate]
:: gintoki ::
omg. occultic;nine is turning out to be a whole lot more awesome than i imagined.

i think moritsuka has some special connection to okabe rintarou!! "i've failed, i've failed, i've failed" - omg, he must have heard okabe at some point! O__O not just the el psy congroo he uses O_O!


i mean, i'm already very interested in the subject matter that O;N delves into, but to have such a strong link to the magnum opus that is steins;gate!?

i must admit i have little love for O;N's protagonist gamotan who is really hyper and whiny. but all the other characters seem pretty interesting! moritsuka is my favourite, but he talks so damn fast that i have to keep rewinding to understand what he's saying :P (then again, this anime is very very hyper in speed). and like S;G, i bet all the seemingly unimportant characters - like ryotas and the cafe manager, are going to turn out to be pretty darn important.

ahhhhhhhh why only still 9 eps!!! i think this is probably the kind of anime that you have to rewatch to fully understand. just like steins;gate - rewatching really makes you think even harder than it did the first time.


also, O;N's OP and ED songs are just GORGEOUS. i love the itou kanako's songs i've heard so far - ever since i had the chance to hear her higurashi game songs - but she was also stellar on S;G.

i keep on replaying seisuu 3 no nijou - it's such a kickass song!!

i know chaos;head and robotic;notes were created by the same game company, but i haven't been able to bring myself to watch them. i tried the first episode of chaos;head many years ago and i admit it made me feel ill - not from the gore, i'm used to fictional gore; but i really really did not like the just terrible protagonist. the plot of robotic;notes... just sounds pretty boring heh.

steins;gate remains one of the best animes on my list and is one of the rare shows that just completely blows me away. the unbelievably good plot, the intertwining of real science and fiction, the superbly memorable and loveable characters, and the HEART of the story. just. frigging. incredible.

i won't say O;N is the same vein of a masterpiece, but the plot twists are really pretty damn good! i am quite confident it will at some point become a cult classic :):)