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:: scorned and mutilated, the cadaver keeps bleeding; it will not be healed ::
[trust no one]
18th-Oct-2016 09:17 pm(no subject) [stephen colbert]

it takes comedians to point out what's wrong.


11th-Oct-2016 10:39 pm(no subject) [chris pratt, joker game, louis ck]
wow i haven't posted this draft in a long time, but anyway:

i finally finished joker game! and wow, i think it's a masterpiece.

although some may feel that it does poorly in having no overarching plot, i think it's amazing that each episode draws you in and leaves you jaw-dropped. its episodic style is reminiscent of mushi-shi, and subtly there is a running thread through the story - primarily the ingenuity of the spymaster lieutenant colonel yuuki and after that, his prodigies - whose names we finally find out only at the last episode! and also, the guy who joined them and was disbelieving of their ways initially.

i really liked it! it took some time to get through because it's a serious piece of work, and i need energy to watch serious stuff these days.

in other notes, i adore chris pratt ^_^ he's really such a likeable fella! as mentioned before, his personality is really like a (lot) more intelligent andy dwyer - but equally endearing and super funny. any interview i've seen with or about him has always had his colleagues say he's such a nice guy :) and i think he's worked really hard to get to where he is also. respect!

also, just wanted to still continue to gush about louis ck. he's truly a modern day philosopher.

OH. AND SAIKI KUSUO NO SAI NAN IS AMAZING. it makes me laugh so much!!!!! <3 it's pace is like gyagu manga biyori, but alot higher specs and awesome witty jokes. WELL DONE.
17th-Aug-2016 02:40 am(no subject) [moomins, travel]
"for if you are not afraid, how can you really be brave?" - tove jansson

i'm back! it was a good, meaningful time.
26th-Jul-2016 02:15 am(no subject) [louis ck]
louis ck, you wise and amazing dude. i always can't help but laugh out loud watching his shows and interviews. that's really rare!! he's like american gintama - irreverent yet deep, hilarious yet really sincere.

i think one of the things i really love about brooklyn nine-nine is that jake peralta reminds me so, so much of peter venkman.

SERIOUSLY! his back story is superbly similar - mother raised him single-handedly, having a shady irresponsible father who comes back to swindle him (yet he loves his dad anyway)... his personality equally flippant (though i think jake is more childish ahhaha) but hides his incredibly intelligence and deep, touching loyalty to his friends... and meeting someone who finally balances him out - the egon of his time - in this case captain holt, both of them seemingly emotionless but actually very passionate (just difficult to express hahaha). and then there's the ray character, who is in this case, boyle - but i think i like ray's wide-eyed enthusiasm better ^_^ and of course, you cannot complete the set without pragmatic and down-to-earth winston, and that comes in the form of sarge terry :D

i think my fave characters are (in order):
1. jake
2. terry
3. rosa
3. captain holt - i thought he'd be my second fave but holt is a lot more petty than egon :P

i admit i'm not so fond of the female characters here - gina is a bit overly bitchy and santiago can be a real pain... rosa is awesome though! she's super kickass.

nonetheless, i think the writers of this show (having overlaps with the writers of parks & rec) have found a really delightful formula!! i'm also very pleased that unlike some past sitcoms, there isn't overemphasis on sex (which i think can be used as a good plot device but can also be really superfluous to overall plot and character building). parks & rec gave me hope in american sitcoms again, and brooklyn gives that continuation :D