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:: scorned and mutilated, the cadaver keeps bleeding; it will not be healed ::

[trust no one]



i felt for my heart today
and found it no more there
a million shattered pieces
blown away by wind’s Despair
i bade the crystal tears come forth
an empty echo rang
for hope had since abandoned me
when Sorrow’s aria sang
i looked inside the mirror
found someone else inside
a person devoid of all feelings
her soul’d already died
but even as i backed away
i knew that she was i
my heart had long grown stone and cold
and long since said goodbye
to all the people I once loved
those I’d give my life up for
they left me lying in a pool of blood
slain and bleeding more
now as I turn my back and leave
from the flowers and the land
i walk away from my buried soul
alone without a friend

magissimus impedimentum meum sum.

Current fandoms include:
* Aphorism manga
* Are You Alice? manga
* Bleach manga
* City of Dead Sorcerer webcomic
* Claymore manga
* Gakuen Alice manga
* Gantz manga
* Gintama
* Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service manga
* Kuroshitsuji manga
* Liar Game manga
* Natsume Yuujinchou manga
* Nowhere Boy webcomic
* Psycho-Pass anime
* Shin Sekai Yori anime
* The Real Ghostbusters + comics
* Torikago no Tsugai manga
* Sprite manga
* Ubel Blatt manga
* Zombie Loan manga


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my anime/manga list. signature background by ravinefall

avatar is heart. by agnikai

these pleasant days
may you live happily ever after, team avatar! by illuxtris

there's nothing worth the wear of winning, but the joy and love of friends. by shanima

toph is my heroine. <3 by amethyststeam

forgiveness zutara
and all will be forgiven. zuko/katara. by hakuren

as it was always meant to be
all journeys must come to an end. zuko + aang. by fallingstars


and truth is the way to freedom. by phistolemon_

how wrong we were to think that immortality meant never dying.
by riddlemethis

sakura x syaoran is love across lifetimes. by kyoy

僕らの世界;その為に。 by unasuvas

home is where the heart is. by ravinefall

hnnkn header
higurashi no naku koro ni. because destiny is not set in stone. by raaraabear

tamaki/haruhi is pure oblivious love. :) by nurikokoishii

ouran is ouran. 'nuff said. by tam_atm

yuuko + watanuki. we can change the future. ravinefall

gintama characters are <3. by hyourinmaru10

gintama cosplay love
gintama = cosplaying love ^_^ by xxxholicxxx

okita x kagura = superbly violent love.
if they had any kids they'd be sadistic brats.
by xxxholicxxx

gintoki + katsura. make friends that you can call by nicknames, even when you're old men.
by alice_r

team mustang. loyalty and allegiance unto death. by bluwim

because greed/ling ROCKS. by jupiterk


kyuuzo = coolest samurai ever. fanart - i'm not sure by who.
please leave a note so i can credit you! it's beautiful.

ghostbusters! eternal heroes. XD

koinosuke &amp; jubei
koinosuke should serve at jubei's side forever. together with ayunosuke :)!
by jubei_shoujo

nick stahl!
nick stahl. a smile worth a million bucks. by sustainmyapathy

if we could turn back time, would we make these choices all over again? by illeatchu

...damn cute. now if only i had an iljimae one. by ilovehugs

credendo vides. - voyage of the unicorn

この星の無数の塵の一つだと 今の僕には理解出来ない
恐れを知らない戦士のように  振る舞うしかない
- bokurano: uninstall

- persona by redballoon

私わ 私になる
- destination nowhere by erika

were you born to resist or be abused?
i swear i'll never give in. i refuse.
- best of you by foo fighters
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